Name: Mystic Falls
Theme: Anime, Manga, Video Games & Artwork
Status: closed (run from 2012-2013)

My very first tcg. It was in German as my English wasn't good enough for me to run it in English. It also didn't make use of MyTCG, so it was completely manual and most things happened in the forum instead of on the website. I had a lot of fun with this site but I was in over my head with extra projects I wanted to run on it that didn't work as I wanted to. In the end, I closed it to concentrate on school. Treasure Hunt is a soft remake of this one even though it is quite different to its "forefather".

My own TCG projects

Treasure Hunt (in work) A Yaoi/Yuri tcg (future) Dying Will (never released) Mystic Falls (2012-2012)

Old carddecks

Special cards