Name: lagoonaris
Country of Origin: Germany
Favorite TCGs: Anime & Manga related
Nowadays I am known as lagoonaris or Aris. Prior names I used were Kahou and Hell a long time ago.
If you clicked on this page, thank you for being interested in knowing more about me. What you'll mostly find here are old member badges and member cards wherever I still own them. The buttons below will also bring you to old and current tcg projects I used to have or want to have. Feel free to check them out. :)

My own TCG projects

Treasure Hunt (in work) A Yaoi/Yuri tcg (future) Dying Will (never released) Mystic Falls (2012-2012)

Old Membercards

Mystic Falls Dying Will Shinkirou Aeroscythe
Stardust Shizen Gleam ColorPOP

Old Memberbadges & Forum Badges

Shinkirou Memberbadge Stardust Memberbadge Gleam Memberbadge ColorPOP Memberbadge
Stardust Forum Badge Gleam Forum Badge