Name: Treasure Hunt
Theme: anime, manga, video games
Status: being built

Here it comes. The first English tcg, I want to open. It has everything. It has a deck design (which I might change cause the stripes are killing me), it has a website, it has a plan, it has... NO CODING Q___Q
Seriously, if anyone can help me code this thing to work decently, I could open it within a week. But not getting any code, not even MyTCG to work is so demotivating, that I don't even wanna do the decks. Send Help...
So yeah, I am searchign for people who want to help me establish this thing. Once it runs I could hopefully be good to go. It's coding from scratch that is so hard to me ._.

My own TCG projects

Treasure Hunt (in work) A Yaoi/Yuri tcg (future) Dying Will (never released) Mystic Falls (2012-2012)

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